Harriet has always been a (self-confessed) naturally curious individual.

Dealing with affairs of the heart on a national and international basis, all her male and female investigators have years of experience in the field and are trained to the highest standards.

Harriet’s journey began many years ago by enlisting the services of a female private investigator to clarify her suspicions and prove her husband was cheating. Unfortunately her suspicions were confirmed and her marriage sadly ended in divorce.

Her intuition has, more often than not, proved to be correct. Armed with this natural skill, she was inspired to develop her instinct and use her academic qualifications in psychology and sociology to train as a private detective.

Now an experienced investigator of many years, Harriet dedicates her skills and abilities to helping her clients gain closure and affirmation whatever their suspicions.

Harriet Bond's Female Detective Agency is now one of the leading female investigation companies in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

To this day Harriet prides herself on remaining dedicated to the truth.

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