Harriet Bond Detective Agency know that dealing with theft withing the workplace can be a difficult and sensitive issue. We offer a wide range of solutions that can help confirm or mitigate any suspicions you may have.

Our discreet, legal and confidential service provides the evidence you need to decide the best course of action to take.

Company theft can take many forms ranging from intellectual property and client data to company equipment and products. Recently there has also been a sharp rise in theft of company fuel.

Large vehicles can carry 1,000 litres of fuel, worth nearly £1,500. It’s easy to dispose of and untraceable. The fuel is sometimes more valuable than the cargo!

Many of our cases result in the employee being prosecuted, handing in their notice or dismissal. If required we can provide witness statements and affidavits to meet court and tribunal requirements

If you feel you have an issue with an employee stealing from your business then call us today and speak to one of our experienced corporate case managers. We will work with you to provide an efficient and cost effective investigation.

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Surveillance Packages

Harriet Bond Detective Agency will customise a surveillance package to meet your requirements. 

Typical packages include:

  • Half Day - 5 hours' surveillance
  • Full Day - 10 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 15 - 15 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 20 - 20 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 30 - 30 hours' surveillance

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Vehicle Tracker Packages

A vehicle tracker is a highly recommended, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a person's movement 24 hours a day. 

Typical packages include:

  • 5 Day Tracker
  • 7 Day Tracker
  • 5 Day Tracker + 10 hours' surveillance
  • 7 Day Tracker + 15 hours' surveillance
  • 14 Day Tracker + 15 hours' surveillance

All vehicle tracking packages include deployment and retrieval by our highly trained agents.

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All Surveillance and Vehicle Tracking Packages Include:

  • Dedicated case manager
  • Highly trained and experienced agents
  • Fully equipped surveillance vehicles
  • Secure online portal for 24/7 access to the latest case updates
  • Online report with hard copy
  • Online photographic stills

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