Nottingham: £299 (inc VAT)

England and Wales: £449.00 (inc VAT)

Scotland: £699 (inc VAT)

Why Use a Polygraph?

A business polygraph can be used to resolve issues such as:

  • Theft in the workplace
  • Fraud in the workplace
  • False injury claims by an employee
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Pre-employment screening

Why Use Harriet Bond to Conduct Your Test?

  • Verbal result on the day 
  • Male and female examiners available
  • In-house examiners trained to the highest standard at the New England Polygraphy Institute in the USA

Strict Safeguarding Questionnaire

All examinees are required to take a short safe guarding questionnaire to ensure they are able to proceed with the test. 

Please be aware that during busy periods test slots are filled very quickly

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