Nottingham: £420 (inc VAT)

England and Wales: £499.00 (inc VAT)

Scotland: £699 (inc VAT)

Our polygraph examiners and machines are of the same standard as those used in the United States legal system.

Popular reasons for taking a polygraph examination include:

False Accusations

When a member of staff makes an accusation against your company or another member of staff it can be difficult to ascertain the truth of the matter. Harriet Bond's polygraph testing services have assisted companies dispatch accusations of sexual harassment, racial prejudice, unethical management procedures and accusations of bullying in the work place.

Lie detector tests are available anywhere in the UK. Tests are available from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday at a location of your choice. To meet recommended guidelines, a quiet room will be necessary.


If you have suffered from a theft from your business and want it resolved as quickly as possible then the polygraph examination will quickly eliminate any suspicions you have about your staff.

Pre-Employment Screening

If your company is dealing with a sensitive matter or you need to be 100% confident that you can trust your employees then simply ask them to complete a polygraph prior to employment or assignment to a particular duty. With the conclusive answers you will be able to assign members of staff to roles you know they can be trusted in.

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