I will keep you updated in the future, if I happen to come across a man who isn’t creepy or boring or full of his own importance, but until then, hold fire!

The most important thing the experience has taught me is how jolly ok I am on my own, and how much better my life would be if I didn’t always put pressure on myself to be like everyone else (ie. in a couple). Being me is certainly a unique experience, I’ll give it that! And I’ve been in the couple experience before and felt frustrated, bored and fearful (ok, so single life can be like that too, but at least you get the whole bed to yourself and can go in the direction YOU want to go, paint your room the colour YOU want and save some money on presents at Christmas).

Since going on the date last week, I have been thinking about how put better use to my time on the planet. I don’t want to spend my free time reading emails from random strangers venting their egos (I REALLY don’t care that your house, or your bath, is bigger than mine.... get over it you saddo!) or those who never quite have the gusto to say ‘Sod it, why don’t we do something crazy like arrange to actually meet each other?’ Hmmm. Novel idea, these days.

So I have been researching all the activities I can do for myself, and not to meet a man. Join a writer’s group, do art classes again, try tap-dancing...... And in the meantime if someone nice comes along, all well and good.

Never go shopping when you are hungry. Great advice, and something I am going to try and remember in the future.

So, I am going to spend the next week or so planning my next blog series. Any suggestions about topics you would like to hear about would be greatly accepted.... See us on Twitter and Facebook!


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