First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers and clients, both past and present. I wish for you a very fulfilling, peaceful and promising start to the New Year, and may it continue!

Ok - my activities: 

• No, I did NOT check my messages on, or anywhere near, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. In fact, today was the first time I looked at them at all and even then wondered ‘Can I be bothered?’ It was only my desire to write the next episode of my blog that really got me logged on.

• I have set myself a new challenge and it is this: don’t just sit around waiting for men to contact me. Be a bit more proactive. I am no shrinking violet when it comes to choosing wallpapers in the shops: I spend hours scanning the sample books, make a note of all the possibilities by serial number, order them and then hold them up to the light when they arrive, discard the ones that don’t set my heart on fire (though, luckily, not my house) and lovingly stick the ‘chosen one’ on the wall. So my search for a date, I decide, should follow suit (apart from sticking them on the wall).

• So I have spent a limited amount of time (I am not letting this have an inappropriate portion of my free hours) trawling through my ‘matches’ and just sending nice polite e mails commenting on their love of dogs and pickled onions. No nonsense that implies ‘Please like me, PLEASE!!!!’ or ‘If you don’t get back to me, be warned, I will try again and again!’ In fact, I have preserved my dignity well: If you like my profile, great, if not, have a great life!

• I am turning a corner with the whole idea of dating and feeling the need to meet someone NOW! I have just read a book about a man in his fifties having the most powerful and passionate love affair of his life with a seventy year-old woman. It is never too late to find a soul mate, and what’s the hurry? Better late than never.

• I am noticing that as I become more comfortable approaching men online, I am gradually becoming more willing to make eye contact with nice men on the bus, when I’m out with friends, etc. This is a learning curve I’m quite liking. Recent learning curves have not been half as much fun.

• I am learning that I have nothing to lose. As long as I don’t get involved too much too soon and expect too much from someone I don’t know, I can just try and have some fun and meet some nice people I would never have known even existed without the magic of the internet.

• I am trusting that good things will happen when I am in the right frame of mind and a happy place in my life.

• This morning I e mailed about five different men. So far I’ve had two replies. Not bad. But now I’m off to do some shopping and have a nice cup of tea with a friend. Life is sweet!

Next week: Is the investment paying off? Having decided to take the plunge and make first contact, have I found my effort worthwhile or a sheer waste of my hard-earned time?



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