They have had a hunch for a while that there is something wrong. Home late, erratic hours, being evasive about where they are going and how long they will be.

At first, it is easy to pass off these things, but as a pattern begins to emerge it gets harder to ignore. Suspicion starts to grow. Suddenly, every move their partner makes is seen as a sign of guilt.

By the time they come to us, most people are at the 'I just need to know, one way or the other' stage.

One thing we never do is predict what is going to happen. Nine times out of ten, infidelity is text-book. But you can bet your bottom dollar we've seen plenty of the one out of ten scenarios!

Sometimes, the 'other woman' turns out to be the 'other man.' Other times, the secret person they're meeting might be the long-lost son or daughter they've never told their partner about. Sometimes, nothing is going on whatsoever, and their partner is exactly where they say they're going to be.

If it's a straight-forward case of infidelity, there is usually a clear crossroads for our client. However, if it turns out nothing untoward has been going on, the table turns on them. They have to face the possibility that it is their own issues that are the problem: that it has all been in their mind.

Vehicle tracking can bring outcomes that haven't been anticipated at the outset. This is why we warn our clients that the unexpected can happen. And sometimes does happen.


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