At Harriet Bond private detective agency, we know that going through a divorce can be a difficult time. Our principal approach is to offer empathy, advice and a professional, discreet service.

There are many factors that can affect the outcome of a separation.

Claiming Unemployment

We can investigate to provide evidence if a person is claiming unemployment but actually working. This will increase your settlement as well as increasing the payments required to support your children.


If your ex-partner has committed an infidelity prior to the divorce and is attempting to avoid responsibility for the relationship breakdown Harriet Bonds investigators will work tirelessly to provide proof.

Peace of Mind

In some cases if a relationship has ended without explanation or the client feels that the reasons given are untrue then Harriet Bond's investigators are here to provide answers and hopefully peace of mind - enabling you to move forward.

Discretion and Confidentiality Guaranteed

Our comprehensive service guarantees you complete discretion and confidentiality at all times.  Meetings, calls and emails are directed by you. Any payments appear discreetly on your bill.

Cohabiting with a New Partner

If your ex-partner is living with someone else but claiming they live alone we offer packages that can help reveal the truth. Co-habitation surveillance packages are tailored to meet the courts requirements. This can reduce and in some case eliminate maintenance orders

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Surveillance Packages

Harriet Bond Detective Agency will customise a surveillance package to meet your requirements. 

Typical packages include:

  • Half Day - 5 hours' surveillance
  • Full Day - 10 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 15 - 15 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 20 - 20 hours' surveillance
  • Flexi 30 - 30 hours' surveillance

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Vehicle Tracker Packages

A vehicle tracker is a highly recommended, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a person's movement 24 hours a day. 

Typical packages include:

  • 5 Day Tracker
  • 7 Day Tracker
  • 5 Day Tracker + 10 hours' surveillance
  • 7 Day Tracker + 15 hours' surveillance
  • 14 Day Tracker + 15 hours' surveillance

All vehicle tracking packages include deployment and retrieval by our highly trained agents.

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All Surveillance and Vehicle Tracking Packages Include:

  • Dedicated case manager
  • Highly trained and experienced agents
  • Fully equipped surveillance vehicles
  • Secure online portal for 24/7 access to the latest case updates
  • Online report with hard copy
  • Online photographic stills

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