Harriet Bond Detective Agency can help trace missing family members, from ex-partners that owe money or child maintenance, ex-partners that need service divorce or legal papers to loved ones that you have simply lost contact with over the years.

Standard Trace:  £240 (inc VAT)

If you can provide a full name and either a date of birth or a previous address we can run a trace to provide an up-to date address and possibly a contact telephone number. We endeavour to return the trace within ten working days

Advanced Trace:  £400 (inc VAT)

If you can only provide a full name or if you have details on a person but require more information than just an address i.e. co-habitants, marriages, children or business involvements. The In depth trace will take around ten working days.

Historic / International Trace:  £420 (inc VAT)

If you require a historic trace i.e. very old information, family history or just a name in an area. This trace would also include overseas traces if you are looking for an individual that has emigrated or left the country. We endeavour to return the results within ten working days but please be aware that the older the information the longer the trace may take longer.

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